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Grad Photos & Sparklers and Smoke oh my

Grad photography and sparklers and shoots oh my!

Every weekend in April is booked! Hooray!

Which means I should bring some new ideas out. See that kid up there? That’s my little brother Liam. He’s a ton of fun, when the smoke doesn’t scare him. He’s learned a few new words, but he just seemed to like running around today. Which is fine. I’ll run around with him.




Scheduling a few grad shoots too. Normal price is $300, but they go on sale April 1-May 16 (Photo date, not booking date. Book as far in advance as you want). Pretty excited about those. Grad shoots are a ton of fun, as long as they’re not done on grad day. It’s usually too hot to do anything useful, and the noon day light isn’t the best.







Also grabbed a few sparklers too. Always, always do a dry run to see how whatever it is will photograph. The sparklers photograph well, but they don’t last too long.




They blur quite well, though. I think I can get some great stuff out of them.




Grabbed my roomate and his girlfriend to do another test when I got home. It works pretty decently, but it lasts a really long time – I’d say five minutes or longer. This is fantastic. In the evening, this will give a lot of light.




Good to bring a backup. Some don’t last for too long, and another shot out the rubber in the back. Good to give it clearance. It says to not hold on the packaging, but I like holding.




What’s interesting is that it seems to wind around hands. It might be worth it to bring something that can be fanned. A reflector, or perhaps wait for some wind. It deals entirely in light, and donsn’t seem to scatter the light at all. Just diffuse it. Also, you might cough a bit.




Well, that about sums it. If you’d like to book a grad shoot and take advantage of the sale, message me here. Also, follow my google, instagram, and twitter. And facebook. Talk to you soon! 😀

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