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Kelowna Engagment Photographer 270

The Durali Villa Wedding

The one out on Westside with the Abandoned Church

Salmon Arm Wedding Photographer 268

The Country Wedding in Salmon Arm

The one with smokes bombs on a working dairy farm.


The 10 Year Engagement Shoot

They've been together for 10 years, but they'd like an engagement shoot all the same!

Kelowna Wedding Photographer073

Roën & Alex’s Kal Engagement

The One at Kal Provincial Park

Vernon Photographer004

An Engagement in West Kelowna

The Gellatly Engagement

Kelowna Wedding Photo

Christmas Lights at Silver Star Engagement

The engagement where the cows literally came home


Kelowna’s Smokey Engagement

Smoke, Geese, and Pink

Draht Photography010

Engagement Photos at Sparkling HIlls

The end of the roadside Proposal near Kelowna, BC

Draht Photography007

Amanda and Nacho’s Engagement

The Freezing Cold Shoot

Draht Photography094

The Soaking Wet Wedding

It started raining. We kept shooting.

Draht Photography 57

Mousey & Allistar’s Wedding

Patriot Park in Kelowna, and Vernon Golf & Country Club

Draht Photography 60

Malachi & Amber’s Wedding

Turtle Mountain Vineyard

Draht Photography 69

Bonita & Jeremy’s Wedding

Paddlewheel Hall & Ellison Park

Draht Photography 50

Lindsay & Blair’s Wedding

Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park

Draht Photography 5

Tara & Dan

The One in the Forest

Draht Photography 82

Ashley & Michael

That Crazy Weekend in Vegas & The Neon Graveyard

Draht Photography 23

Malachi & Amber’s Engagement

The One with Sparks

Draht Photography 1

Shannon & Lyndon

The Wedding in the Woods

Draht Photography 10

Peter & Zoe

The Wild One

Draht Photography 30

Kaylie & Quinn’s Engagement

"The One with the Candles"

Draht Photography 44

Kaylie & Quinn

The Castle at Swan Lake, Turtle Mountain Winery

Draht Photography 51

Tara & Dan

The Cove & Gellatly Nut Farm in Kelowna, BC

Draht Photography 57

Kyle & Brittany

Mackey House, Kin Provincial Park, and the Prestige Inn

Engagement Photos Kelowna

Engagements – 2015 Highlights

2015 Engagement Highlights

Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Weddings – 2015 Highlights

2015 Highlights