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Immaculate Conception Baptism, A Photo Walk, and thank you cards!

Saturday’s photo walk was, of course, a complete success. To see all the photos, click here.


Kelowna Photographer sampleDRA_7643


They even did well on my 500px! Which is amazing, I don’t submit to that place enough. Photo walks are one of my favourite parts of the photography classes. We can really get out and use all the things we’ve learned.


Kelowna Photographer sampleDRA_7703


Although photographic theory is important, if you’re not careful, you end up becoming a theory monger. That’s akin to someone who watches a lot of sports, and knows every player’s name, but cannot play really well. You need to have a good mix of theory and practice. That’s something I’m always aiming for in the classes.


sampleDRA_7565Kelowna Photographer


In the first walk, we tend to focus on the rules of depth. Here, you see parallax and a few other rules of depth. The second walk is more about posing, finding props, and lighting.


Kelowna Photographer sampleDRA_7673


We prefer sunny days if it’s possible, but cloudy days you’ll learn more. That’s when you really learn your grit – having to produce a beautiful product when the situation is much less than ideal.

There’s a final photo walk on Friday, then our classses are done! I’m going to take a break for two weeks (I’ve got shoots!), and then start up another round.

Kelowna Photographer sampleDRA_7720


This morning was pretty fun! Woke up to a few things that came in the mail, among them, my CHBC newshawk shirt! It even came in medium, instead of extra-extra large. Fits me like a glove. I haven’t decided if I’m going to tear the sleeves off or not. Some of you may remember, I got a video of a car going on fire last week.





Then, a thank you card! Some of you may remember this wedding, from July last year. It was a really cute couple, super laid back. Plus I got to stay at TWU, in the campus. That was a fun experience. No wifi though, but still a fun environment. I can only imagine what knowledge is held in those walls.

The letter was super cute, and is now on my wall. Hooray!




Then of course, Sunday, photographing a baptism at Immaculate Conception Church. I arrived early to listen to the service from Fr. Sebastian Puthenpura. The venue was large and well lit, a rare treat for me. More importantly, every inch of this building was budding with character.


Kelowna Baby Photographer


I might have delivered more than the customary 40 photos for my medium package. Everything just turned out so well. This is why I love photographing in Kelowna. We just don’t have buildings like this in Vernon.


Kelowna Baby Photographer


I met with the family and delivered the photos, but this isn’t he last of them! I have another shoot coming up pretty soon with the little ninja. I’ll make sure to post a few snippets.


Thanks for reading this far. Shoot me a follow on my twitter, facebook, and instagram to stay updated.  Or just drop me line and we can schedule something! I love shooting, and I’ll take any excuse to get my camera out. Talk to you soon!

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